QA/QC Product Control

Focus on Quality Courses
Quality management is the process of controlling, ensuring, and improving quality; both in business operations and productivity. If customers are satisfied, chances are they feel they are receiving high-quality products that are constantly improved upon in order to keep up with the ever-changing times. The Certification Asiaaccredited quality courses are designed to help equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to enhance your quality management processes and the impact you have within your organization. Each course is delivered by highly qualified tutors who are practitioners in the field and bring their own practical experiences and wealth of knowledge into the classroom.

  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Definitions
  • Procedure QA QC in Production Control
  • Steps of QA QC Production Control
  • Principles of Production Planning & Control
  • Factors in Production Planning & Control
  • QA QC in Production Control
  • Product Testing & Quality
  • Production Control Process Procedure
  • Stages of Production Control
  • Roles of Machineries in Production Control
  • Benefiters of Quality Production Control
  • Integrated Material management Systems
  • Document controls and Records
  • Resource Management
  • Infrastructure management
  • Internal Audit & Product Audit
  • Monitoring & Measurement Equipment
  • Analysis of Data
  • Control of NCR’s in Production Control
  • Corrective Action & Preventive Action
  • Identification, Traceability, Inspection and Testing
  • Conclusion

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