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A direct hire position is one in which the TEG INTERNATIONAL helps the client company utilizes the staffing company to find the talent, and then hires them directly. A candidate offered a direct hire position is not an employee of the staffing company, but goes directly on the client company payroll.

Hiring the right staffing firm will give you the benefit of knowing each applicant is well qualified for the position you’re trying to fill. We apply the same rigorous screening processes in our direct hire placement services as we do in our temporary staffing business. In addition to the same benefits our temporary staffing clients receive, there are a few more key benefits direct hire placement services may bring to each client.

Check out these key benefits
We're not just matching skills, we're matching people to a career
Do you want to hire a candidate who has the right skills for the job? Of course. But if you’ve been in business long, you know how important it is to find people you can count on, people who you trust will be there for the long haul. That’s why we carefully screen each candidate to weed out the short-term job seekers from the long-term career seekers.

Direct hire placement is charged on a contingency fee basis
You’ll only pay if we’re able to find the right candidate for your position. No upfront fees.

A staffing company who will mirror your hiring processes
One of the biggest concerns you might consider when researching staffing companies to find a direct hire candidate is whether or not their hiring procedures will be a match for the criteria you need the candidate to meet. Fortunately, Link ServicesTM offers companies the comfort of an integrated hiring process. When you come to us with a direct hire placement position, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us the specific metrics and processes you use to find the right candidate for your hard to fill positions. If your organization uses specific tools to gauge a prospective employee’s skills, share them with us and we’ll include those hiring processes in our search. Now each candidate presented to you will be selected with the same care as if you had selected the candidate yourself.

Finding a match for your company culture
Equally important as finding the most qualified candidate is finding the candidate who will best match your company culture. It can be quite a challenge to determine who will and who will not fit in with your organization. But armed with the right information plus a little investigation, our hiring expects are right more often than not. This is a key area where our staffing experience comes into play. Our direct hire placement team has years of experience matching the right candidates for the right positions. For us, finding a good company culture match is a challenge we gladly accept.

The best staffing firms will perform skill matching & pre-employment skills screening
A lot of employers don’t have the time or resources to check an applicant’s proficiency in the computer software they might list on their resume – we do. We carefully screen for required technical skills. Proper skills screening will ensure that candidates’ claims of computer skills and proficiencies become verifiable and measurable.

Avoid making costly hiring mistakes - let your staffing company take the risk
Direct hire placement services sometimes mean recruiting for hard to fill positions. The result sometimes is that employers end up hiring the wrong person because they’re desperate to get those hard to fill positions off their plate. When you take advantage of direct hire placement services you not only minimize the risk of making a bad hire you also reduce the adverse effects making a bad hiring choice can create.

Who We Hire
TWG INTERNATIONAL Project Hiring job candidates should have a SSC,B.COM, MBA bachelor's or master's degree in chemical, civil, electrical or mechanical engineering

What You'll Do
TWG INTERNATIONAL Project Hiring engineers work on a variety of equipment and systems, including structural systems (for example, offshore conventional and floating facilities), tanks, vessels, compressors, pumps, piping, cranes, motors, power distribution, telecommunications, computer systems and controls.

Project Hiring BCOM Graduates, MBA work on a variety of streams such as Logistics, QA/QC Documentation, ISO, Retail management, HR Management You'll be involved in all phases of these types of projects, including:
  • Determining objectives and evaluating alternatives.
  • Defining scope.
  • Developing and monitoring schedules.
  • Estimating and monitoring costs.
  • Engineering and designing equipment, piping and process flow.
  • Preparing specifications for construction and equipment purchases.
  • Managing equipment procurement.
  • Administering contracts for construction, including preparing and evaluating bids and negotiating terms and conditions.
  • Supervising and planning jobs.
  • Interfacing with operations and regulatory agencies.
  • Managing the turnover, startup and maintenance of facilities.
Where You'll Work
Project Hiring is in demand around the globe. Depending on your role, you may work in:
  • Angola
  • Brazil
  • Dubai
  • Houston, Texas
  • Kazakhstan
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Seoul, Ulsan or Okpo, South Korea
  • Singapore
  • U.S. Gulf Coast

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