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3 Days Class + 2 Exams

Aim and Objective
To enable delegates to understand health and safety legislation and its implication to them and to identify, review and manage risk effectively within their own organization so that they can manage and improve health and safety within their department.

Course Content
The course consists of the following 8 modules-

  • Introducing managing safely
    Some managers may see health and safety as an add-on to their role – even an intrusion. The first module makes it clear that managers are accountable for their teams, and makes a persuasive case for managing safely
  • Assessing risks
    This module defines and demystifies 'risk' and 'risk assessment'. Risk assessments and a simple scoring system are introduced, and delegates carry out a series of assessments.
  • Controlling risks
    Here the session tackles cutting risks down, concentrating on the best techniques to control key risks, and how to choose the right method.
  • Understanding your responsibilities
    This module looks at the demands of the law and how the legal system works, and introduces a health and safety management system.
  • Identifying hazards
    All the main issues any operation has to deal with are covered in this module – entrances and exits, work traffic, fire, chemicals, electricity, physical and verbal abuse, bullying, stress, noise, housekeeping and the working environment, slips, trips and falls, working at height, computers and manual handling.
  • Investigating accidents and incidents
    The session starts with why accidents should be investigated, and goes on to cover why things go wrong, and how to carry out an investigation when they do.
  • Measuring performance
    This module explains how checking performance can help to improve health and safety. Delegates learn how to develop basic performance indicators, and get to grips with auditing and proactive and reactive measuring.
  • Protecting our environment
    A short but effective introduction to waste and pollution leads into a look at how organizations and individual managers can get involved in cutting down environmental impacts.
Target Audience
Designed for Managers, Supervisors and any personnel who are required to manage health, safety, risk and resources within their organization in order to be compliant with legal requirements and their own organizational policies and procedures.

Delegates who successfully complete a short answer test and practical assessment will receive an IOSH accredited certificate valid for 3 years.

1 Day Class + 1 Exam

Aim and Objective
The course provides grounding in the essentials of health and safety. Everyone at work should have an understanding of why they must work safely and this course offers exactly that. It introduces a new approach to health and safety training by the use of state of the art animation and interactive exercises.

Course Content
Introducing working safely - Stresses the realities of human suffering behind statistics and emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility.

Defining hazard and risk
Using familiar examples to define hazard and risk in everyday language and show what can happen. Even simple or repetitive things can go wrong with serious consequences. Delegates are asked to think about hazards and risks they come across in their own work using 6 broad hazard groups.

Identifying common hazards
Use of clear examples to demonstrate the main issues such as entrances and exits, work traffic, fire, chemicals, electricity, physical and verbal abuse, bullying, stress, noise, slips, trips and falls, and manual handling.

Improving safety performance
This module deals with systems and processes and tries to bridge the gap between management and the workforce, encouraging the delegates to play a part in the processes that are commonly just seen as down to their line manager or supervisor. Also includes contract work, inspections, safe systems and permits, PPE, Signage, emergency procedures, reporting and health checks.

Target Audience
Designed for people from any sector with no supervisory or managerial responsibility.

Delegates who successfully complete a short answer test and practical assessment can choose between IOSH Working Safely certificate or a credit card-sized passport card.

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